So it begins…

Over the last few days we have seen God at work among the people in our community:

Open House

On Veteran’s Day we held an open house in an effort to get to know some of our neighbors. We used three tools to contact people in our community. First, we contacted the audience afforded by a newly created community website. This outlet brought four families to our open house which is great because there are only about 100 users on the site. Second, we used the list of email addresses we gathered when Englewood first surveyed the community, bringing an additional two families. Third, we made flyers and gave them to about 15 neighbors, this brought around seven families. In all, we had around 30 neighbors at the open house! A number of others contacted us and let us know they would have come but they had to work.

We were able to make good connections with several people and are praying that Christ’s love was evident in our actions. We really enjoyed the afternoon and our kids even made a few friends! Praise God for His provision!!!

First Bible Study

Tuesday night we held our first real Bible study. It consisted of five couples plus three children. The surveys we conducted were the catalyst in bringing two of those families to the group.

The evening was a complete joy! We spent a lot of time learning from each other how we all came to be in this place. Several in the group have served in full time ministry for a very long time. In ways it is intimidating, but it is also a relief to have some pillars of faith come together and become excited at what God is doing in our community.


  1. Gary. It is exciting to hear what God is already doing through Lifework! Can’t wait to watch and what is next!

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