Our First Event!

I just love it when God reminds me that His ways are so much bigger than mine!

Tonight we helped the local school with THEIR first event. It was a Trunk or Treat.

Last week, when we first started talking with the school they had 1 car signed up. Yikes!!! So I started putting out feelers in every church I know to get people to show up with their trunks. Guess what: not one person was able to help us host a trunk. We contacted people from 3 different churches! Everyone had plans, but we did have CANDY! In fact, we were given about 180 pounds of it.

Honestly, we were all feeling a little down about the whole thing today. When I talked to my contact at the school she said she thought there was about 11 cars. So we were managing our expectations. We knew that what we were doing was going to help the school but we were worried that the event would not be a win for them.

We kept praying! And so did everyone we know from Tennessee to California!

Turns out, God knew what He was doing after all!!!

They had about 25 cars show up. All from the community!

About 1,000 people from the community showed up to Trick or Treat too!

The school got their name out there! They were happy to have had such a successful first event! God blessed it in such awesome ways!

Then we made some great contacts! We met a number of people interested in helping us build on what we are doing!!

Our plan was so much more lame than God’s plan!

And the candy… the candy was just enough. We didn’t have 12 baskets leftover, but we had a small bucket left.

Thank you God for hearing the prayers of Your children!

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  1. Dude, this is awesome news. I am so excited to hear how God answers the prayers of HIS people. Can’t wait to see what he does next!!

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