On the horizon

2014 started off with a bang! Gary is finishing up his MDiv by May, our daughter Emmalyn graced us with her presence and God is moving in the hearts of our community and churches that support God’s church plant. Doors are opening for us to be able to meet at the school in the community: Academy Del Sol and we are getting lots and lots of opportunities to genuinely love and serve people. Take a look at what’s going on. You can also view our event’s page.

Here’s what’s already happened:


  • January 4: Nathalie joined our team as our new bookkeeper.
  • January 5: Emmalyn Jana Schloesser was born
  • January 13: Our new website was launched
  • January 14: Our weekly small group resumed.

Here’s what’s on the horizon:


  • February 16 – February 22: Englewood Baptist Church is sending prime time adults here on a mission trip to help us in the community. They will be doing survey work and community projects.
  • February 22: We are sponsoring a health care for the community at Academy Del Sol


  • March 29 – April 5: Englewood Baptist Church is sending a college group here on a mission trip to help us in the community. They will be doing survey work and community projects.


  • April 3: We will be sponsoring a fun run for Academy Del Sol at their school campus. This is a fundraiser to help the school.
  • April 5: We are hosting a spring block party and everyone in Star Valley is invited. There will be an easter egg roll, fun and games, food (I hope). A group of students from Expedition Church will be coming down to help us manage the mob of people we are expecting.
  • April 20: Easter Sunday will be our first preview service. We will be having these monthly from that time until our launch service in August. Service time will be a 10:00am (maybe) and will take place at Academy Del Sol (definitely maybe).

After that the details get kinda fuzzy. We have 2 more groups from Englewood Baptist coming out to do survey work, community projects and back yard bible clubs but we’re still finalizing the details. We will also continue having those preview services. Gary will graduate in May. Will will kick off regular services in August. Sprinkle in a few more opportunities to service the community and that pretty much sums of between now and then. After that? Who knows. I’m sure we’ll figure it out, it’s only 8 months away. For now we’re going let the Holy Spirit work through us, in the lives of people here and just keep serving people, showing them the love of God.